On strategic voting and cooperation

It's a fundamental question for our democracy: do you vote simply to get rid of a party — or prevent it from seizing power — or do you vote your conscience for the party that best represents your interests? With a provincial election apparently just over the horizon, and a federal one scheduled for October, … Continue reading On strategic voting and cooperation

Alberta’s uncultured minister

One could be forgiven for assuming that Alberta's minister of culture would have some semblance of the arts and the province's arts community, but by all accounts, that's not the case. If there were any doubts, this recent interview in the Globe and Mail should remove them. The fact that Maureen Kubinec hasn't seen a live performance … Continue reading Alberta’s uncultured minister

It’s hard not to cheer for an economic downturn

The prospect of a housing market collapse makes me giddy. Low oil prices? It warms my heart. Higher interest rates? Ooh, baby. I would be willing to bet there are a lot of you reading that and nodding your head in agreement. Yes, you think, that could be great. It might even mean that one … Continue reading It’s hard not to cheer for an economic downturn

Calgary doesn’t care about you

Back in 2008, a friend of mine lived in a nice apartment with not-so-great neighbours on a bit of a sketchy corner. Still, the two-bedroom, 1950s-era space was big, relatively nice and relatively cheap at $800 per month. Six years later, that same apartment is up for rent, listed on rentfaster.ca for $3,000. That represents … Continue reading Calgary doesn’t care about you

A better response to the Ottawa shooting

If only... Today, Canada awoke to a new reality, with the government saying it will do everything in its power to support those with mental illness and addictions after a citizen who had fallen through the cracks killed a soldier on Parliament Hill before being shot and killed outside the Library of Parliament. "Too often those … Continue reading A better response to the Ottawa shooting

The empty Postmedia empire

This morning, the face of Canada's newspaper industry changed, and it's not for the best. Postmedia, owner of daily papers across the country and the National Post, announced it is buying Quebecor's English-language papers, all 175 of them, including the Sun papers, for $316 million. It's no surprise to anyone at this point that the industry … Continue reading The empty Postmedia empire

Jim Prentice’s flood of words

Although the calendar reads September 2014, some Calgarians would be forgiven for thinking it was June 2013. Since Jim Prentice was anointed as this province’s new leader, the latest in the 43-year Conservative dynasty, there has been a flood of promises and policies, including sudden decisions on flood mitigation itself. The government is going to … Continue reading Jim Prentice’s flood of words

Clint, the calf-roping calf

So, you get to be in the Stampede this week? Yeah, pretty excited about it. Really? No. Why? Well, there’s the lack of prize money and the fact that someone will be chasing me down while mounted on the back of a horse, trying to throw a rope around my neck and stop me dead … Continue reading Clint, the calf-roping calf

Ric McIver and the extremists

When the Peace Bridge opened in March of 2012, crowds gathered to celebrate. Politicians and citizens all swarmed both ends of the controversial bridge, eager to be amongst the first to cross. Just prior to cutting the ribbon, there was a blessing by a First Nations elder — recognition that Calgary sits on traditional Blackfoot … Continue reading Ric McIver and the extremists

Out(road)rageous: $5 billion could go a long way

We seem destined to always talk about transportation. Public transit, including the long-sought southeast LRT line and the nuances of where to put the north-central line; the mess that is Calgary’s taxi system; bike lanes; pedestrian safety improvements; two-way roads through the Beltline; and now the revelation that the southwest portion of the ring road … Continue reading Out(road)rageous: $5 billion could go a long way