City of Calgary to tackle affordable housing crisis

There is at least one thing that almost everybody agrees on: there is a housing crisis in Calgary and we need more affordable housing. The devil, as they say, is in the details. The mayor has made the issue a priority and now the city is taking its first tentative steps towards creating an affordable … Continue reading City of Calgary to tackle affordable housing crisis

Laneway living in Calgary

Behind the facade of Calgary’s inner-city neighbourhoods is a largely dusty area of garbage cans, bottle pickers and garages. It’s the perfect place to build a home. While there’s been a lot of rhetoric as of late around suburban versus urban growth, there’s a wealth of unused land in Calgary. In other cities that same … Continue reading Laneway living in Calgary

Big ideas we’d like to see

When compiling this list, we asked ourselves: what kind of city, province and country do we want? What ideas would help get us there? This list is by no means comprehensive, but intended to start a discussion about where we’re going and where we should go. Have you got your own big ideas? Let us … Continue reading Big ideas we’d like to see