UDI’s facts on segregating Calgary

You know what's uncomfortable? Living next to tattooed lesbians, or gays or just straight dudes with tattoos. Especially if they shop at Safeway alongside more respectable members of suburban society. I mean, yes, you have to come across them from time to time when you work downtown, but these people should really stay down there … Continue reading UDI’s facts on segregating Calgary

Laneway living in Calgary

Behind the facade of Calgary’s inner-city neighbourhoods is a largely dusty area of garbage cans, bottle pickers and garages. It’s the perfect place to build a home. While there’s been a lot of rhetoric as of late around suburban versus urban growth, there’s a wealth of unused land in Calgary. In other cities that same … Continue reading Laneway living in Calgary

The quiet of Calgary’s 2013 flood

When Calgary was hit by a devastating flood in the spring of 2013, the city of over one million people turned into a virtual ghost town in the inner neighbourhoods and downtown. The silence was eery and there was nothing but space for roaming roadways normally choked with traffic. All photos by Drew Anderson

Incarceration and freedom with Kent Monkman

For those of us who live here, the Calgary Stampede can be many things — beer-soaked debauchery, greasy food, the midway, the rodeo, or simply a time to get the hell out of the city. For artist Kent Monkman, however, the Stampede represents something else entirely. Commissioned by the Glenbow to create an installation based … Continue reading Incarceration and freedom with Kent Monkman

Calgary’s slow but steady cycling plan

Calgary is the poster child for the poetic notion that things end not with a bang but a whisper. It’s the lead up to that silent, accepting conclusion that causes all the problems. Need proof? Look at the Peace Bridge, or the bike lanes on 10th Street N.W. Infrastructure changes don’t come easy to Calgary, … Continue reading Calgary’s slow but steady cycling plan

Alberta’s craft brewers in war of words with importers

It could be labelled as an ideological battle, but that might be too exteme. Is it a story of the hometown hero versus the outsider? Is it about fairness? Selection? Consumer choice? Well, this battle of the beers is technically about all of those things. Alberta’s small brewers are trying to pressure the provincial government … Continue reading Alberta’s craft brewers in war of words with importers

Wreck City artists run amok in Sunnyside

Wherever there is cheap space, you’ll find artists. Detroit is a great example. As the city empties and houses are abandoned, property is bottom-barrel cheap and artists move in. There are blocks of decorated houses because, well, what else is anybody going to do with them. Calgary? Not so cheap. Yet, if you wander along … Continue reading Wreck City artists run amok in Sunnyside

Government closes program, blames Mount Royal College

According to an email circulated to Mount Royal University staff by president David Docherty, and obtained by Fast Forward Weekly, the university was forced to close two centres that evaluated internationally educated nurses in Edmonton and Calgary, despite recent claims by minister of health Fred Horne. In an interview with the CBC, Horne said the … Continue reading Government closes program, blames Mount Royal College

We need beer here

Did you know that beer sales in Alberta in 2012 were almost $1 billion? Let that sink in for a moment. That’s right, sit back, sip that brew and let that number settle — $1 billion. Now think about how many microbreweries we have in the province, or better yet, consider that Calgary, a city … Continue reading We need beer here

Looking back on Calgary’s year as Cultural Capital

Let’s get one thing out of the way right at the beginning. Calgary 2012, as in the people who form the organization, had an impossible task. How do you organize, create, fund and promote Calgary’s year as a cultural capital of Canada and please everybody? Well, you don’t. It’s one of the flaws of the … Continue reading Looking back on Calgary’s year as Cultural Capital