Clint, the calf-roping calf

So, you get to be in the Stampede this week? Yeah, pretty excited about it. Really? No. Why? Well, there’s the lack of prize money and the fact that someone will be chasing me down while mounted on the back of a horse, trying to throw a rope around my neck and stop me dead … Continue reading Clint, the calf-roping calf

Incarceration and freedom with Kent Monkman

For those of us who live here, the Calgary Stampede can be many things — beer-soaked debauchery, greasy food, the midway, the rodeo, or simply a time to get the hell out of the city. For artist Kent Monkman, however, the Stampede represents something else entirely. Commissioned by the Glenbow to create an installation based … Continue reading Incarceration and freedom with Kent Monkman